Trent Dilfer

Trent  Dilfer

I was pretty selfish growing up, always looking out for number one. I would do just about anything to improve my popularity. Playing football and even going to church were just two more ways to raise my stature in the eyes of others. Everything I did was self-serving.But no amount of attention was enough for me. Even with all the adulation I received from my athletic achievements, I was still restless and discontent. It wasn’t until I attended a Fellowship of Christian Athletes camp during my junior year of college that I finally understood what it meant to be a Christian. For one thing, I learned that following Christ means paying attention to others, not getting everyone else  to pay attention to me. After that, looking out for number one was no longer an option.

Since then, my focus has shifted gradually from pleasing myself to pleasing God. God has also changed the way I view people. I used to value others according to how much they could help me. Now I am more concerned with how can I help others and make them feel loved.

Becoming a Christian also changed the way I view football. Where it used to be something I used to build myself up, now I see it as just one more opportunity to turn people toward God.