Scott Starks

Scott Starks

I’m 5’9 and probably 178lbs on a good day. There’s no way I should be playing in the NFL. But here I am. And it is God’s love that puts everything into perspective for me. No matter what trials may come, if you can get back to the fact that God loves you, it puts everything into perspective.

I went through a time where I built up a lot of pride because of the success I had on the field and in school, and with girls. You know, sin feels good for a reason. It feels good when you’re doing it. But then I just felt empty inside. When I got to college it just got worse. And I knew exactly why that was. I got down on my knees and asked God for forgiveness and to be the Lord of my life.

But it’s not like I had everything together in my life. I made the mistake of expecting God to give me everything I wanted. Then I had a real mediocre season. I was about to quit football and leave it all together. But I learned something really important — not to seek God for what he could do for me, but to just get to know Him better. It made so much sense.

When you’re in a relationship with God, you look for His heart, not a hand-out. He wants a relationship with you. And once you get into learning more about Him, you learn more about yourself. That’s what the Bible is about, instructions for our life and how we should seek Him. It’s a relief.