Reggie White

Reggie White
Defensive End

“Failure” is the last word anyone would choose to describe the short, outstanding life of Reggie White. Although he only lived for 43 years, his presence will be felt for decades to come.

Throughout his career, Reggie was known as the “Minister of Defense.” This nickname was as much about his spiritual commitment as his performance on the field. It didn’t matter whether the 13-time Pro Bowler was tossing offensive linemen aside or delivering a sermon in church. Reggie’s life was about one thing only: Jesus Christ.

“Some people say Christianity is for wimps,” Reggie often asserted, “But as far as I’m concerned, being a Christian makes you more of a man. Jesus was the bravest, toughest man who ever lived. Before he died on the cross, He could have snapped his fingers, and everything would have been over. But He chose to die a painful death to pay for our sins instead.”

Photo courtesy of Ron Vesely/Getty Images