Growing up sports pretty much consumed my time. Whether it be outside, playing with my friends or on an organized sports on a team, that’s all I really wanted to do—playing football, basketball, or getting out in the street to race someone.

I really wasn’t in church that much. I went to church with my grandfather, but it was nothing that I was really serious about.

College life is when I began to start thinking about my future. From “day one” my team chaplain, Chet Williams, talked to me about the Lord and being responsible and accountable for decisions I make. My first two years there, I wasn’t receptive to the things he was talking about; I just wanted to do what I wanted to do and live like there were no consequences.

Going into my junior year, everything that seemingly was going right for me went wrong. Chet asked me, “Do you think it might be the Lord trying to get your attention?” He started taking through the elementary things of the Bible and that’s when I started listening and learning. I learned that God created heaven and earth and He cared enough to look out for me in spite of what I am and what I do. He provided a way for me to know Him and a way to change my life—by believing and trusting in Jesus. That has made a total change in me. That’s why it’s called “born again.” All my old ways are laid to the side. It’s not something you do here or there but every aspect of your life is changed.

November 2, 2002, I was baptized. It was great. A lot of my family from Baton Rouge came up and I don’t know if I was happier or they were happier for me.

I make plenty of mistakes now, but even though a lot of things go wrong, I have peace. In the past I would have been so worried about pleasing other people and what other people think about me. And even though I knew something was wrong, I would do it because that’s what everybody else was doing—just for the simple fact that it was too hard to be different. Now, especially since I have a family, it is easier for me to make the right decision, knowing that my decision affects three other people.

All the mistakes I’ve made and things I’ve done wrong, those are against God. But He cares enough for me to always be with me and give me things here on earth so that I will rely on Him, praise Him and give Him all the glory.