Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley

It’s been a tough year. A multitude of injuries forced me to miss several games. And my grandmother became ill while attending one of my games. She died of a massive heart attack at Soldier Field.

Over the past few years, I have experienced several setbacks and challenges in my life that directly impacted my family and my football career. These trials created frustration, disappointment, and sadness. But in the midst of it all, God brought me through.

There were times when I felt angry, confused, and discouraged. It was His love, grace and mercy that ministered to me moment by moment when I needed encouragement to simply make it through each day. If it had not been for the Lord, I don't know how I could have gotten through such stress. I had a few reasons to quit and throw in the towel. But through it all, I have learned how to trust and lean more on God; to let God be God.

I have developed a better prayer life now, and that has helped me to experience a new level of faith in God, his word, and His son Jesus. The Bible says that Christ gave his life that we may have life more abundantly. That doesn’t mean we won’t have troubles. So, as you deal with life and its many struggles, I can tell you that God really does make all the difference in the world.