Lee Young Pyo

Lee Young Pyo

I became a Christian in 2001. Before that, to be honest, the idea of God was a fairy story to me. I thought that believing in God was just for strange people. Growing up in Korea, I was heavily influenced by Buddhism, and if I had chosen a religion then, I probably would have become a Buddhist.

Then some friends of mine told me about God. Still, I was not sure whether I really believed God existed. If He did, I felt He needed to reveal Himself to me. Over time, I became quite eager to find an answer to this question. Then one day God revealed Himself to me exactly as I had requested. I was amazed! After that, I began to learn more about God, and I came to know Him more and more.

Since then, everything in my life changed, especially the way I think. Questions such as where I came from, where I’m going, what to do about my sins, and everything else I worried about as a high school student have been answered by God. One of the biggest fears anyone faces is the fear of death. That was certainly true for me. But now that I know where I’m going after I die, I am free not only of the fear of death but from death itself! In this way, God has dramatically changed all of my thoughts—my entire life!

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