Kyle Brady

Kyle  Brady

Over the course of my football career, I’ve been recognized several times for my conduct both on and off the field. Three seasons into my stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars, however, I received one of the most important awards of my life when I was named the Jaguars’ 2002 NFL Man of the Year. It was flattering to be recognized in this way, but I couldn’t help thinking, “If people really knew me…” For this reason, receiving such awards can be somewhat embarrassing, because even though people may see me as “great,” I know I still have such a long way to go.

I lived a lot of my life under the misconception of the “divine-scale theory,” where if my good deeds outweighed my bad, I would be okay with God, who I tended to view as a kindly grandfather. But after reading God’s Word, which is active and powerful (Hebrews 4:12), I came to realize who God really is, His strength, power, sovereignty, and control.

In truth, not one of us is good, never mind great. We are enslaved to sin and pursue darkness. But after salvation (through Jesus Christ),God gives us a new nature, a new sense of conviction, awareness, and consciousness of sin. I may not be “good,” but I’m living and playing for the One who truly is. And that’s all that matters.