Jose Edmilson

Jose Edmilson

It’s impossible to describe how it feels to win the World Cup. It’s unbelievable! Just participating in the tournament is one thing. Being a starter is another. But to play in all six games and then to win the final goes beyond anything I imagined. To give you a sense of how emotional it was, when I got to the locker room after winning the semi-final against Turkey, I broke down and cried, even more than after winning the final. It was a huge professional accomplishment.

As great as it felt to win the World Cup though, such achievements offer little compared to what God has to offer. An abundant life on earth, eternal life after we die—what more could we ask for? No matter what you achieve individually, through your family or through your work, it is all in vain if you don’t know Jesus, who made the sky and the earth. You can achieve anything, but if you don’t have Jesus, you won’t have peace.

Today, the world needs peace more than ever. Many people campaign for peace, but they don’t seek the source of peace. Not everyone agrees on who the source of peace is, but I have found it to be Jesus Christ. Through soccer, I have experienced success. But the only peace I’ve ever had has come through Jesus. You can experience peace through Jesus, too. The World Cup comes around every four years, but the game of life only happens once. How will you choose?

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