Joe Zelenka

Joe Zelenka

You might say that the most unappreciated position in the NFL is that of the long snapper. Usually, you only hear about the position during a botched snap or a successful fake field goal or punt.

However, I’m not your typical long snapper. I’ve always tended to get more attention than I deserved, especially during my days at Wake Forest University. I was the typical student
athlete, the life of the party. In truth, I was a young, stupid idiot. I knew what it took to fake everybody out, but real Christians saw right through me. They knew I was living a complete lie. Midway through my football career I began to realize I was living for the wrong things. I was serving myself rather than my Creator. I was seeking riches and fame instead of God’s glory. Then God said, “I gave you all of Me, I want all of you.” I realized that Jesus died for me! To know that makes me feel so unworthy yet also aware of His precious and awesome gift of eternal life.

Being a Christian doesn’t guarantee an easy life. Jesus doesn’t promise you the big contract or the new car. But the everlasting life he does offer outweighs all that stuff. Today, thanks to Jesus Christ, the only thing fake about me is the tricks I play on special teams.