I grew up outside Philadelphia. When I was 12, I made a distinct decision to be a professional soccer player. 

As an athlete, everyone knows they are going to suffer disappointments and experience joy and have successful moments. The same is true in life. How you decide to handle these things in life is a process I am slowly learning. It comes down to having your basic identity in something other than your skill, yourself, or circumstances around you. 

I believe my identity needs to be in something that never changes: Jesus Christ. For me, it begins and ends with finding my identity in Christ and not in my on-field skills, not in relationships I have, not in my accomplishments or in the way people perceive me. I know my identity is found in the person of Jesus Christ – who He is, what He did for me, and the unconditional love He has shown for me. 

Romans 8:28 is an incredible comfort to me. It helps me understand who God is and how this sovereign God is in control of the universe and has promised “All things work out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” That is reality! 

How can I dwell in depression for a day, a week, a month, a year, or however long, over a circumstance that He has ordained to work out for my good even if it has to do with my mistake or my failure, knowing God is sovereign and in control? I can rest in that. 

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We get emotionally invested in things, and you are disappointed when something goes wrong, but that should not be the end of it. Knowing there is a God who is in control and has promised that every single thing – not just the good things or bad things, but everything – will work for my good.