Jeff Saturday

Jeff Saturday

Some people spend their entire lives searching for their identity. They do all sorts of things; try to be all kinds of people—anything to find the peace that comes from knowing who you really are.

That certainly was my story up until a few years ago. When I came to play with the Colts, I didn’t know too many guys, and I was struggling to find my place on the team. Then I met a guy named Mark Thomas who ran a team Bible study. As we became friends, he began to ask me questions about what made me want to be the way I was. What defined me as a person?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn’t have an answer. That’s when Mark showed me that even though I didn’t have the answer, Christ did. I didn’t have to come up with an identity for myself. Christ had created me with my identity already intact. All I had to do was step into it.

As I have allowed Christ to define my identity over the past seven years, I have experienced a tremendous sense of peace. No matter what I face, I know God has a purpose and destiny for my life, that He has placed me here for a reason. God has a purpose and destiny for your life as well. If you’re struggling to determine what that is, I encourage you to bring God into the picture; and He will reveal your true identity as well.