Jacques Cesaire

Jacques Cesaire
Defensive End

While I was a student and playing football at Southern Connecticut University, I didn’t attend team chapels, but one day I heard that the team chaplain asked the guys how they wanted to be remembered, and then he used a story about me as a bad example! The chaplain told them about the time I sacked a quarterback and when he raised his hand for help to get up, I slapped his hand away.

I was upset and went to the chaplain to ask him why he used me that way. After he explained, I realized that I also wanted to be remembered differently, and started to attend chapels regularly. I had been thinking I was cool and tough, drinking and cussing, and that was what being a real man was about. But I learned that a real man follows Jesus Christ, a real man obeys God.

Later that spring I made the decision to follow God. I asked Jesus Christ to come into my life and help me be the man I wanted to be. I learned that you come as you are and God sends you His wisdom and power to help you win in your everyday struggles. It’s so easy to be bad, but God has forgiven me and He is there for me 24-7.

It has changed everything in my life—my career plans, finances, marriage. My wife noticed a change in me. Now I want to help others. There are bad days and I may slip, but I give “my junk” to Him, and I know I’m going to be all right.