Dallas Robinson

Dallas Robinson

I moved out of my home early in my senior year of high school and lived in a friend’s basement. His family (the Nelsons) attended church and were great Christian people. I had never been to church, nor was I interested in going.

I headed off to college (by the skin of my teeth), to become a track and football star. The Nelson family gave me a new believer’s Bible, which is basically the New Testament with tons of very simple commentary. All first semester I looked at that book but never touched it. I even wandered into a [Baptist Student Union meeting] a few times, ate pizza and left before Bible study.

Over Christmas break I was alone in my dorm room, and other than “Ender’s Game,” I had never read an entire book in my life. So out of curiosity I decided to read the [New Testament]. I finished in three days, and there was a "prayer to receive Christ" in the back of the book. So I prayed that prayer. I cried alone in my dorm room, and then went home in time to catch Christmas with my family, who, at the time, I didn't talk to much.

Two years later, I was active in a local church, I was attending weekly Campus Crusade for Christ Bible studies and involved in a men's-only Bible study. That summer I went to Spain with Athletes in Action!

In order to make it as a Christian athlete you must study the Bible and pray. If you’re just focusing on yourself or some game, you are sadly missing the journey.

“[I’ve learned that] if I’m not coachable and not spending time with God, His voice may get drowned out by other voices, and I may not know the difference. In my case, I have a nation watching me as I push a 1,000-pound sled down a mountain and hang on for my dear life. I want to make sure it’s God who is telling me that is a good idea.

When I spend time with God, He speaks into my life like a best friend. When I take what He says and walk by faith, He takes me on a journey that teaches me more in this life than I could ever imagine. It’s all in His plan and all for His glory.