Cris Carter

Cris Carter

I became a Christian in the spring of 1988 after my rookie year in the NFL. My teammates, Keith Byars and Reggie White, were instrumental in leading me to Christ. But it wasn’t long be-fore I realized I was still holding onto the world. It took me awhile to realize that giving my life to Christ and being fully committed to Him are two different things.

I can’t really point to a particular incident that caused me to see that I needed to make a new commitment to the Lord, but I knew I needed to make my home life better.

I now have a purpose in life, and it is to use the platform I have been given to glorify the name of God. God calls me to be truthful, to be frank and to step out in faith. I am committed to using my influence and my resources for His glory.

Photo courtesy of Joe Robbins/Getty Images