Clinton McDonald

Clinton McDonald
Defensive End

Coming to the Lord as a child, I did not fully understand Christianity. I was committing my life to Christ, but I didn’t know all that this meant. Growing up I often had problems I didn’t handle well as a true follower of Christ. I decided I needed to understand God and His word a lot better.

A turning point in my life where I decided to let God take control was when I was at a movie with a friend who has a great walk with God. After the movie we were discussing different events in our lives where we could see that God had protected us. I realized that God was blessing me continuously but I wasn’t living as I should for Him. He wants me to be making a difference for others by displaying God in my life.

Now my life has started changing from nights of despair, loneliness, confusion and restlessness, to peace with myself and others. As a result of letting the Lord lead in my life, I have slowly but surely, eliminated the worldly things that I thought would make me satisfied. I find joy and happiness and love, even toward those who don’t love me, as I grow closer to Him.

Christ has shown Himself to me by being my father when I need guidance and a friend when no one understands me. I am blessed to have the Lord.