Chase Coffman

Chase Coffman

Both my parents went to church and taught us kids to put God first and to pray to Him about anything. My parents and Sunday school teachers pointed me toward Jesus, and helped me to grasp that Jesus is God and that He loves us and died for us so that we may go to heaven. I decided to accept Christ into my life at eight years old. I prayed and gave my life to God by my mother’s bedside.

I consistently went to church until college. But for the first couple years of college I didn’t go to church as often as I needed to. Then I realized I would have to be more consistent in following God and reading the Bible if I wanted to see Him meet my greatest needs, desires and problems. I cannot do it alone and I need to go to Him for all things no matter how big or small.

Now I try to make God the center of my life, to put Him first always, and go to Him for decision-making. But sometimes I do what I want instead of what He wants. I still mess up, but I ask God for forgiveness when I do.

I am trying to become more like Christ and stay close by reading the Bible and learning more about Him. He has blessed me with many good things and success in things that I enjoy.