Brent Jones

Brent Jones

If you had told me early in my life that one day I would help my team win Super Bowls,play in Pro Bowls, and earn various All-Pro honors, I wouldn’t have believed you. The fact
is; I never thought about playing in the NFL.

As a young person, my dream was to play professionalbaseball. In high school, I made firstteam all-league on the diamond, but I was only a second string football player.
It wasn’t until college that my football skills finally blossomed. My performance in college led to a spot on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster in 1986. After my first pro season, I wound up playing for the 49ers. And, as the saying goes, “the rest is history.”

Despite the central role football has played in my life, sports has never been my top priority. Even as a high school student, I felt a significant void inside that no amount of success could fill. Through a group called Young Life, I learned that the only one who could fill that void was Jesus. Knowing Jesus has given my life meaning and purpose beyond anything my achievements on the football field or in the broadcasting booth can offer. Jesus Christ truly is the answer to life’s questions. 

If you feel empty like I did, I urge you to begin a relationship with Jesus today.